Tory Rebels Call for Tougher Rwanda Plan to Stop Illegal Immigration


Tory rebels are pushing for a strengthened Rwanda plan, calling it the party's last chance to address the issue of illegal immigration. Led by Robert Jenrick, the rebels are urging Rishi Sunak to enhance the Nationality and Borders Bill, emphasizing that this opportunity cannot be missed.

Ringleader Robert Jenrick Stresses the Urgency

Robert Jenrick, the former immigration minister, has urged Prime Minister Boris Johnson to ramp up the Bill, stating that there will not be another chance if it falls apart. With illegal immigration remaining a significant problem despite previous legislation, Jenrick emphasizes the need to get it right this time.

30 Rightwing Backbenchers Demand Stronger Legislation

Jenrick is leading a group of 30 rightwing backbenchers who are demanding that the legislation is toughened to automatically overrule European judges. They argue that this is crucial in effectively addressing the issue of illegal immigration.

MP Miriam Cates Stresses the Importance of Effective Legislation

Tory MP Miriam Cates, who supports the Rwanda Bill, emphasizes the need for the legislation to be effective in tackling illegal immigration. She believes that failing to address this issue would not only be detrimental to the Conservative Party but also to the entire country.

Cates states, "We should all be united in wanting to make this bill work. The biggest threat to the Conservative Party and the country as a whole is if this third attempt at producing legislation fails to stop the boats."