Train firm slammed after launching ‘intersex-inclusive’ carriage


SOUTH Western Railway was criticised for having an ‘unreal priority’ after unveilng an “intersex inclusive” pride flag on one of its trains.

The railway operator launched the new multi-coloured carriage yesterday, which will run on services between Waterloo and Weymouth.

South Western Railway launched the new multi-coloured carriage

Black and brown stripes will represent black and minorities, and light blue, light pink and white will represent transgender people.

The new intersex flag – which represents people born with a combination of male and female biological trains – is a purple ring on a yellow background, and was also a part of the snazzy new design.

The first run featuring the ‘Progress Pride’ flag was crewed exclusively by LGBTQIA+ staff.

SWR was the first to reveal its “Trainbow” service with a Pride flag in 2019 – long a symbol of LGBT Brits.

SWR’s new train design was formally revealed yesterday by senior leaders including SWR’s Managing Director, Claire Mann, and Chief Operating Officer, Stuart Meek, who were joined by LGBTQIA+ colleagues and the flag’s creator, Valentino Vecchietti.

Last night Tory MP Greg Smith, of the Transport Committee said: “This is an unreal priority for SWR.

“What rail users want to see is reliable, on time trains, where they can get a seat, have decent wifi or a mobile signal and a toilet that’s clean and works. No one cares what colour the train livery is.”

Just six in ten South West Railway trains were recorded as being on time between the start of February and March.

Under its National Rail contract, SWR gets a fixed fee from the Department for Transport – if it hits its targets.

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