David Cameron Vows to Get Tough on Euro Judges to Get Rwanda Flights Going


David Cameron Addresses Tory MPs

David Cameron has threatened to take on Euro judges if they try to hinder the Rwanda plan. Speaking to anxious Tory MPs, the former Prime Minister stressed the importance of Rishi Sunak's new plan for emergency legislation and a new treaty, and stated that he would not hesitate to challenge the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg if necessary.

Disagreement with George Osborne

David Cameron dismissed suggestions from his close friend George Osborne that he is soft on the issue of the European Court of Human Rights. Cameron stated that Osborne does not know his views on the subject well.

Stopping the Boats

During a meeting of the Conservative 1922 committee, Cameron emphasized the importance of stopping illegal immigration. He drew on his own experience with the European Court of Human Rights, citing his battle to strip prisoners of voting rights.

Push for Disapplying ECHR Laws

Many Tory MPs, including former Home Secretary Suella Braverman, want Rishi Sunak to go further and disapply all ECHR or Human Rights Act laws in migration policy. Immigration Minister Robert Jenrick is said to support this idea privately, although he has faced pushback from Cabinet colleagues.

Supreme Court's Opposition to Rwanda Plan

The Supreme Court recently criticized the Rwanda plan, stating that it violated international treaties and domestic law. In response, the Prime Minister announced new laws to declare Rwanda as a "safe" country, aiming to prevent appeals in domestic courts.

Possibility of Disapplying Parts of the Human Rights Act

A draft of the new Removal to Rwanda Bill, held by Government lawyer Lord Pannick, appeared to reference the Human Rights Act. This has led to speculation that Rishi Sunak may be considering disapplying certain parts of the act.

Rapturous Reception from Tory MPs

David Cameron's address to Tory MPs was described as "vintage" and "classic" by Sir Oliver Heald and Robert Halfon, respectively.

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