US defence officials reveal plans to replace Trident


NEW plans for a multi-billion pound replacement of Trident have been revealed by the US.

The Pentagon revealed details of the new nuclear warheads in a US committee meeting before the UK government had even told MPs.

The Trident missiles are being replaced

Now the Ministry of Defence have confirmed officials are working towards replacing the warheads.

The Observer revealed US Strategic Command commander Admiral Charles Richard wrote in a statement that a replacement warhead was needed in the States.

He added: “This effort will also support a parallel replacement warhead programme in the United Kingdom whose nuclear deterrent plays an absolutely vital role in Nato’s overall defence posture.”

The plans were also mentioned by a Pentagon under secretary of defence, Alan Shaffer.

He had said: “It’s wonderful that the UK is working on a new warhead at the same time.”

The statement was made last week, and it is understood the Government just had no time to tell MPs about it.

MPs were not informed of the decision.

An MoD spokeswoman said: “As previously stated in the 2015 defence review, we can confirm that we are working towards replacing the warhead.

“We have a strong defence relationship with the US and will continue to remain compatible with the US Trident missile.

“An announcement about the UK’s replacement warhead programme will be made in due course.”

David Cullen, director of pressure group the Nuclear Information Service bashed the announcement.

He said: We are legally bound to take steps towards disarmament under the nuclear non-proliferation treaty, but this would take us in the opposite direction.