Voters in Rochdale Disgusted by By-Election Chaos


Is This the Most Toxic By-Election Ever?

Eleven men are vying for the Greater Manchester seat in two weeks, with three front runners who have all faced expulsion from Labour at some point.

Residents Fed Up with Circus-Like Atmosphere

From anti-Semitic remarks to sexting scandals, the by-election in Rochdale has left voters bewildered and disillusioned.

Local Sentiment and Candidates' Controversies

The town, known for past grooming scandals, is now grappling with political turmoil as candidates face backlash over their past actions and affiliations.

Divided Opinions and Uncertainty Among Voters

Residents express their confusion and frustration as they struggle to navigate the chaotic political landscape in Rochdale.

Applause and Criticism for Various Candidates

As candidates like George Galloway and Simon Danczuk make their pitches, voters weigh their options amidst a sea of controversy and scandal.

Apathy Reigns in the Streets of Rochdale

Despite the political drama unfolding, many residents express a sense of apathy and disillusionment towards the ongoing by-election chaos.

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