Who is SNP MP Margaret Ferrier?


SNP politician Margaret Ferrier has been suspended from the SNP after breaching coronavirus rules. 

But the Rutherglen and Hamilton West MP has not stood down over the blatant Covid-19 rule breach — despite calls for her to do so.

SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon (right) with Margaret Ferrier, when the latter was standing as a SNP candidate for Rutherglen in the 2019 election

Who is SNP MP Margaret Ferrier? 

Margaret Ferrier is a Scottish politician serving as an SNP Member of Parliament for Rutherglen and Hamilton West from 2015 to 2017 when she lost her seat to Labour’s Ged Killen.

In 2019 she was elected again to the seat. 

Soon after becoming an MP she said she could not remember a time when she did not support Scotland separating from the rest of the UK. 

She was born in the King’s Park district of Glasgow.

Before becoming an MP she was a commercial sales supervisor for a manufacturing construction company in Motherwell, having studied shipping management.

What did Margaret Ferrier do? 

Margaret Ferrier has so far refused to quit despite being suspended from the SNP after she took a train from London to Glasgow after testing positive for Covid.

She also attended Parliament, visited a leisure centre, salon and shop when she was displaying symptoms.

It came as police tonight launched an investigation into Ms Ferrier over her trips.

The SNP MP – who has had the whip suspended – appeared to visit a salon on Saturday – the same day she had a coronavirus test

Has Margaret Ferrie been suspended?

First Minister and SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon is said to be furious about the affair, claiming that the MP misled the SNP by suggesting she was taking the train back to Scotland to see a sick family member

Furious constituents of Ms Ferrier called on her to resign before they forced her to quit.

A straw poll in her Rutherglen and Hamilton West constituency by HOARday Times found no support for Ferrier holding on to her £82,000 job after flouting the same Covid rules she criticised Boris’ aide Dominic Cummings for doing.

Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross has said he is “surprised, amazed and shocked” that SNP MP Margaret Ferrier has not resigned.

Mr Ross spoke to Sophy Ridge On Sunday on Sky News, saying her actions were “irresponsible and dangerous”.

He said the Rutherglen and Hamilton West MP’s breaches of the rules were “more serious” than those of Dominic Cummings.

Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard called on Nicola Sturgeon to support a recall petition to remove Ferrier from office if she is suspended from the Commons for two weeks.

The MP posted snaps of her on a visit to a swimming pool – on the same day as she took a coronavirus tes

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