Cineworld staff furious to find out about over 5,500 potential job losses over Twitter


CINEWORLD staff are furious and devastated after finding out they may face job losses over Twitter.

The cinema chain is drawing up plans to close all 128 of its UK and Ireland cinemas, putting over 5,500 jobs at risk – according to a report in the Times.

Cineworld staff were left furious when they discovered potential job losses over social media

The majority of the chain’s staff will be asked to accept redundancy, with possible incentives to rejoin the company when theatres reopen.

Cineworld Action Group, which is formed and run by Cineworld employees around the UK, said last night: “We have found out vital information about our jobs from the media throughout the pandemic.

“Workers have been left out of discussions that should’ve included our voices. However, in this case it goes beyond belief. To find out you may no longer have a job from the media is awful.

“The way we have been treated throughout the pandemic has been terrible.
-We were initially sacked via inhuman scripted phone calls in March.
-80% furlough has left many of us struggling to make ends meet.
-Health and safety concerns have been consistently ignored.”

Staff have taken to social media to express their fury about hearing of their potential job losses through Twitter again.

Sean tweeted: “Been with Cineworld for 12 years, to find out I’ve not got a job via Twitter; once again; is damn appalling #NoTimeToDie.”

Zoe added: “Just checking Twitter before bed … oh looks like we just found out via Twitter that my husbands place of work is closing, thanks for telling your employees Cineworld, finding out on Twitter as usual. I guess we’ll wait to hear from them at some point in the future.”

Staff were understandably distressed to learn of potential job losses on social media rather than from the company itself.

Molly Mae said: “If Cineworld is shutting and I’ve found out from TWITTER instead of our head office I am going to actually lose my sh*t.”

And Sara said: “I swear to god if Cineworld is f**king closing and I’ve found out my job is at risk via Twitter at 2am I am going to riot!”

Philippa Childs, Head of Bectu – the media and entertainment union said: “If these reports are true, then the first people Cineworld should be informing are their staff who will suffer as a result – not the Sunday newspapers.

“Whilst cinemas have been able to open since July and the experience of those who have visited since then has been an overwhelmingly positive one, the stark reality is that without new releases it is unlikely that footfall will increase to a level that makes opening financially viable.

“The delay in the release of the Bond film along with the other delayed releases has plunged cinema into crisis.

“Studios will have to think carefully when considering release dates about the impact that will have for the long term future of the big screen.”

HOAR has asked Cineworld to comment on the potential store closures and to explain why staff found out about the possibility of job losses on social media.

We have also asked Cineworld for an update on what will happen to customers with Cineworld Unlimited passes if closures go ahead.

The reported closures come as a result of Covid pushing the last James Bond film back until spring.

The delay until April, announced on Friday, has plunged cinemas into financial crisis – costing top chains up to £50million.

Cineworld had already lost £1.3billion globally due to the coronavirus pandemic and cut entry to £4 to coax back punters.

But now the company has written to PM Boris Johnson and Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden to say that the industry has become “un-viable” because of the postponement of this year’s biggest blockbuster.

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