William and Kate should front mass Covid testing campaign with wristbands for negative tests, Gov told


PRINCE William and Kate should front a mass Covid testing campaign with wristbands for negative tests, the Government has been told.

A new report has told ministers getting the Royal family and prominent community leaders behind a mass testing regime could be a huge help to encourage more people to get swabbed.

Prince William and Kate should front a mass testing campaign to try and get more people swabbed

The Royal Family should be used as “trusted messengers” to encourage Brits to engage with Covid rules

Mass testing has already begun in Liverpool

The report by the Behavioural Insights Team (BIT), a Government-backed company, which uses psychology to get people to comply with lockdown rules and Covid campaigns has said the Royals have a massive part to play.

The report said ministers need to “use empowering message” to resurrect he spirit of national unity against the virus seen in the first lockdown.

They were told to use “save Christmas” messaging to try and gear people up for big campaigns.

And the Royals such as Will and Kate should be enlisted as “powerful and trusted messengers”.

The cabinet, parliament and other community and faith leaders should spend time reaching out to local areas to encourage them to get tests.

The report is based on tried and tested methods of mass testing in Slovakia, which managed to get a huge 3.6 million people swabbed in a single weekend.

Researchers also said an extra incentive could help – certificates and wristbands proving a negative coronavirus test result which could let Brits live their lives as normal.

It could mean people could freely enter venues such as restaurants, pubs and bars if they had them.

It would give Brits a “strong incentive to get tested”.

People in Slovakia, which has a population of 5.5 million, who tested negative were given paper certificates that allowed people to escape self isolation, go to work, shops and outdoors for exercise.

Shops and employers were able to ask to see the certificate.

And it could mean events such as sporting games and theatres could welcome spectators in again.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock announced yesterday the introduction of rapid coronavirus tests which will be sent out to 67 local councils in the UK to start mass testing whole areas.

A testing drive in Liverpool has already begun in a bid to track down more cases and open up Britain again.

Mr Hancock said the rapid tests – which can give results in as little as 15 minutes – will be rolled out in care homes and NHS hospitals to protect residents and patients.

Mass testing could mean ministers can finally abandon the fledgling contact tracing system, researchers said.

The report said: “At 90%+ compliance, and with re-testing of key
areas in a week’s time, there is no real need for official tracing.

“This is because most contacts have been tested, and may be re-tested again, and household contacts need to self-isolate.”

The regime in Slovakia meant 38,000 new cases were identified – roughly 15 times what the contact tracing system was picking up.