‘Absolutely love it!’ Kate Middleton’s unusual hobby that Prince William jokes she’s ‘crazy’ for doing


Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, is known for her love of sports and physical activities. However, she also has an unusual hobby that her husband, Prince William, finds amusing.

A Love for Cold Water Swimming

While Kate enjoys various sports, one hobby she particularly loves is cold water swimming. She revealed, "I absolutely love it. The colder the better." Prince William, on the other hand, jokingly refers to her as "crazy" for indulging in this activity.

Convincing Others to Join

Kate has managed to convince others to join her on her cold water swims, except for Prince William. Regardless of the weather, she seeks out cold water, even if it's dark and raining.

Staying Warm After Swimming

Kate shared her secret for staying warm after cold water swimming. She quickly puts on a Dryrobe, a type of coat, to warm herself up. She mentioned this during a meet with volunteers from the Central Beacons Mountain Rescue Team in Wales.

Tennis and Paddle Tennis

While cold water swimming is Kate's solo hobby, she and Prince William enjoy playing tennis together. However, they rarely manage to finish a game as it becomes a mental challenge between them. They have also recently taken up paddle tennis, a game similar to pickleball.

It seems that alongside her royal duties, Kate Middleton has found solace in the invigorating waters of cold water swimming, a hobby she truly embraces.

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