Are doctors open on the Queen funeral Bank Holiday?

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ILLNESSES and injuries are unplanned and one may need to seek medical assistance urgently.

This is what you need to know about visiting a doctor on the Queen funeral bank holiday.

Are doctors open on the Queen funeral Bank Holiday?

NHS England announced that GP surgeries are allowed to close on Monday, September 19, for the Queen’s funeral.

The decision came after the government announced that the day will become a bank holiday to allow members of the public to mourn the late monarch.

However, planned visits to care homes for booster shots of the Covid-19 vaccination will not be cancelled.

GPs have been told that they have to make their patients aware of the closure and reschedule any appointments within two weeks.

Your doctor might be taking time off on the September bank holiday.

They have also been advised to consider patients’ prescriptions.

Your GP surgery may be closed during the September bank holiday, so make sure you check their timings and get any medications you need over the weekend in advance.

You can check online to confirm whether your GP service will definitely be closed on Monday, September 19.

To find your GP’s website, simply visit the NHS website and enter the town, city, or postcode of your GP.

How can I seek medical attention during the bank holiday?

If your GP is closed, the NHS can still provide you with medical assistance.

If someone is seriously ill or injured and their life is at risk, you can call 999.

If you have a serious or life-threatening injury you can search for your nearest Accident and Emergency department here.

Alternatively, for non-emergency treatment, you can call 111 or use the NHS 111 online service.

This will require you to fill out a form online with your details and health condition.

The NHS will then respond with information on whether to see a GP or seek urgent care, offer advice, and you may get a call back from a health professional.

If you need urgent care and need to see a doctor, you can always find your nearest hospital and go there.

You can find a hospital through the NHS’ search tool by simply putting in your postcode or town you’re in, and it’ll find you the nearest one you can go to.

When are the Bank Holiday dates in 2022?

By the end of 2022, Brits will have had ten bank holidays.

The first one was on January 3, which was a substitute day for New Year’s Day which fell on a Saturday.

Then the UK had another two bank holidays in April.

The UK had a very hot weekend just in time to celebrate Good Friday on April 15 and Easter Sunday on April 17.

Soon after came the Early May bank holiday before Brits celebrated the Platinum Jubilee bank holiday.

June 2 kicked off the long weekend with the Spring Bank Holiday and another day off on June 3 to celebrate the Queen’s 70-year reign.

If you missed out on going on holiday in June, then August brings another opportunity with the summer bank holiday weekend.

August 29 was the Summer Bank Holiday.

Since the Queen passed away on September 8, 2022, a bank holiday was scheduled to take place on the day of her funeral.

This means that there is a September bank holiday on Monday, September 19, 2022.

The last two bank holidays are Boxing Day on December 26 and the Christmas day off on December 27.