BBC’s ‘anti-Royal Family’ coverage of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Oprah interview is slammed by viewers


THE BBC’S “anti-Royal Family” coverage of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s bombshell interview with Oprah has been slammed by viewers.

The broadcaster said they had received complaints from Brits, who believed there was a bias during coverage of the tell-all chat.

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The BBC has faced complaints over being ‘bias’ during coverage of the Sussexes’ Oprah chat

Harry made a number of bombshell revelations about his family in the Oprah interview

Harry made a number of bombshell revelations about his family in the Oprah interview

If a broadcast gets enough complaints lodged by the public, the BBC puts out a statement on their website responding to allegations.

They say that there has to be “wide audience concern” which have either “generated significant numbers of complaints” or “raised significant issues.”

And the most recent complains were directly linked to the Sussexes’ interview – with claims that the BBC was “biased against the Royal Family.”

The BBC website reads: “We have received some complaints from people who feel our coverage of Harry and Meghan’s interview with Oprah Winfrey is biased against the Royal Family.

“The BBC has been providing ongoing coverage of the interview across our television, radio and digital content.

“The interview has gained worldwide attention and across our programming we have heard from a range of people from different backgrounds who have voiced their opinion.

“The BBC, as a national broadcaster, has not taken a position and we are satisfied our coverage has been duly impartial and accurate.”


Alongside the general complaint about BBC News’ coverage, viewers also slammed BBC Breakfast on March 8 when interviewees made “passionate cases” of their “own opinions” about the Oprah chat.

The BBC said: “We are satisfied the audience was clear they were each giving their own opinions on what is a very topical subject. 

“Our presenters interjected at several points to ensure the interview remained on track.”

The broadcaster refused to say how many complaints had been lodged concerning the Sussexes’ interview.

They added: “We have nothing to add to that which has been published on the BBC Complaints website.”

Meghan and Harry’s explosive interview with Oprah has caused significant fallout since it aired last Sunday.

Harry accused the Royal Family of racism and Meghan blasted William’s wife Kate in the tell-all chat.

He also claimed William and their father, Prince Charles, were “trapped” by their royal responsibilities.

Meghan also blasted William’s wife Kate

Viewers have bashed the BBC for being ‘anti-Royal family’

And Meghan said her sister-in-law, Kate, received preferential treatment and made her cry during a dress fitting before her wedding to Harry.

The princes have barely spoken to each other for more than a year after Harry and Meghan “blindsided” the Queen and announced Megxit on their Sussex Royal Instagram page.

William, Charles and the Queen, rejected the couple’s plea for a hybrid royal role.

He also stood by the Queen when she turned down Harry’s request to keep his patronages and military titles at a review last month.

Stern William last week warned he would be speaking to his brother when quizzed by journalists at a visit to a school.

The Duke of Cambridge was also forced to deny the Royal Family is racist after Meghan and Harry’s sensational allegations.

Meghan, 39, claimed an unnamed royal had raised “concerns” about the “skin colour” of her and Harry’s children.

Speaking about the royal crisis today, Gayle King, Meghan’s pal, told CBS: “The family has to acknowledge there are issues.

“Right now, no one has acknowledged, Houston we have a problem here. That’s really all they want. They both want a conversation.”

Gayle also touched on a bullying probe launched by Buckingham Palace into allegations made against Meghan while she was working as a royal.

Backing her pal today, the host said Meghan is a “very sweet, caring person”.