Bombshell Book Claims Rift Between Prince Charles and Prince William


Endgame by Omid Scobie Paints a Picture of Rivalry

A controversial new book written by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's "favourite reporter" is causing a stir in the UK. Endgame, written by Omid Scobie, claims that there is a rift between Prince Charles and his eldest son, Prince William, and that they are on a collision course to become rivals.

Clashing Approaches and Opinions

Scobie's book describes the differences in views and outlooks between Charles and William, stating that these differences could become an issue in the future. The book also portrays Charles as a lavish spender and smears Kate Middleton as "pliable".

Hatchet Job on the Royal Family

Critics of the book argue that it is a hatchet job on the Royal Family. Former head of royal protection for the Met Police, Dai Davies, called it a "publicity-seeking stunt" and questioned the credibility of Scobie's sources. Royal expert Ingrid Seward also believes that the book is attempting to depict Charles and William as increasingly at odds.

A Reality Check for the Royal Family

In an interview, Scobie defended his book, stating that it is a reality check for the British Royal Family. He suggests that William could be the last king as we know it and claims that William was behind briefings to the press about Harry's mental health.

Claims Against Charles and the Monarchy

Endgame accuses Charles of being pampered and alleges that the late Queen would complain about his extravagant lifestyle. The book also attacks the monarchy as an "anachronistic, intolerant organization steeped in bigotry and privilege". It describes William as a hot-headed "company man" comfortable with the Palace's dirty tricks.

Kate Middleton Portrayed as Teachable and Pliable

The book suggests that Kate Middleton is much more teachable and pliable compared to Diana, who was strong-minded and unwilling to fully submit to the royal cause. It also implies that Kate is hypocritical for advocating for mental health causes while supposedly ignoring Meghan's cries for help while she was a working member of the family.

Controversy Surrounding the Book

There are claims that Scobie was heavily briefed by the Sussex camp, although he has denied any involvement from Harry and Meghan in the book. Scobie first met Meghan before she was publicly dating Harry and later wrote about their final engagement as working royals. Meghan and Harry also admitted to cooperating with Scobie's previous book, Finding Freedom.

As the release date of Endgame approaches, the book continues to generate controversy and spark discussions about the future of the British Royal Family.