Brian Cox revealed he was touched up by Queens sister Princess Margaret when he was a young actor


ACTOR Brian Cox has told how he was touched up by the Queens sister Princess Margaret.

Cox, 73, said the royal ran her fingers inside his shirt backstage after a show.

Brian Cox said he was ‘touched up’ by Princess Margaret on his 23rd birthday

Princess Margaret was married to Antony Armstrong-Jones at the time

The star, who won a Best Actor Golden Globe for playing media mogul Logan Roy in TVs Succession, said it happened in 1969 at the Royal Court Theatre in London.

He added: When I was a young actor, I was touched up by Princess Margaret. I was doing a play with [actor] Alan Bates. It was my 23rd birthday and

Id been given a red shirt from [director] Lindsay Anderson.

Id just washed my hair so I was sort of glistening, and I walked in and was introduced to her.

She put her fingers on my shirt and said, This is a lovely shirt.

‘Touched up’

And she started to run her fingers down the inside of my shirt. And I went: Uh oh! What do you do when youre being touched up by a royal?

The Scot said Likely Lads actor James Bolam tried to rescue him and lure the princess away.

Cox said: It was so funny. James Bolam could see what was going on and started going Ooooh out of the side of his mouth, which somehow the princess didnt take in at all.

She just kept saying: You were so wonderfully hooded on stage. I wanted to know more about you

Margaret was 38 15 years older than Cox and she was married to Antony Armstrong-Jones.

Cox went on: She was an extraordinary creature. I excused myself and said, Thank you, maam, and it came to a natural end.

Brain Cox described the Queen’s sister Princess Margaret as an ‘extraordinary creature’
Cox was a young actor doing a play with Alan Bates at the time


The actor has also revealed he took up smoking cannabis aged 50.

He said: I realised I missed out on what was going on with young people because I was so square, and I was working so hard, I needed something to relax. So I discovered the wonderful world of cannabis.

And Cox added he has a shag room at the home in Brooklyn he shares with wife Nicole Ansari, 51.