Candace Owens rips Meghan Markle’s ‘truths’ about ‘racist’ UK and claims Brits dislike her character, not her skin color


CANDACE Owens today launched another blistering assault on Meghan Markle’s claim she was the victim of racism in the UK.

The conservative commentator claimed the Duchess used the issue as a “distraction” because she won’t accept that British people don’t like her character.

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Candace Owens said it was normal for families to discuss the color of a mixed-race baby

She savaged Meghan Markle for claiming she was the victim of racism

It comes after Meghan suggested in last week’s bombshell Oprah interview that members of the Royal Family were concerned “how dark” her son Archie would be.

Owens – also a black American who married a white English aristocrat – drew parallels between Meghan’s experience and her own.

She said it was normal for family members to wonder aloud how dark their baby son would turn out.

Owens wrote in today’s Mail on Sunday: “It came from not only my sisters, who are fully black and darker than I am, but also from my husband and from me as we daydreamed about what our beautiful boy would look like.

“‘What color do you think his eyes will be?’ we’d enquire aloud. ‘Will his hair be darker or lighter?’

“So hearing Meghan Markle frame the questions about her son’s skin color – however innocently intended – as racist ‘concern’ rather than harmless imagination made my skin crawl.”

Trump fan Owens said she has been fiercely criticised in the UK, but never believed it was linked to her race.

She added: “The British press has been rude to Meghan Markle, of that there is no doubt, but they have not been racist. 

“Meghan’s race, which is not to my eyes even immediately discernible, was never at the centre of any piece criticizing her.

“That race would become a tool to deflect criticism of Harry and Meghan was, in my view, inevitable.”

She went on: “Meghan is guilty of many things throughout her sit-down with Oprah Winfrey, but chief among them is intellectual laziness.

“Perhaps she does not wish to consider the many reasons why the British people do not hold her in high favor.

“Is that why she diagnoses them all as racist?

“I’m taking a shot in the dark here, but maybe what the United Kingdom dislikes about Meghan is her character.

“Of course, in America, race sells. It’s just that I’m not buying it.”

Outspoken political commentator Candace Owens perhaps British people just don’t like Meghan’s character

Meghan made incendiary claims in last week’s interview with Oprah Winfrey

Meghan claimed a member of the Royal Family questioned how dark Archie would be

Earlier this week, Owens branded Meghan a “leftist narcissist” who “couldn’t keep her stories straight” in an interview with Fox News.

She said: “If you have seen a picture of Archie and you believe he suffered anti-black racism, then call me a Nigerian prince and give me your credit card.

“This has less to do with the royals than it has to do with a typical leftist progressive in Hollywood seeing something traditional and then saying ‘you know what, that thing has history, that thing has tradition, and I’m going to call it racist’.”

She also backed Piers Morgan, who had to quit as host of Good Morning Britain after saying he was “sickened” by Meghan’s Oprah interview.

Piers said the morning after it aired: “I’m angry to the point of boiling over.

“I don’t believe a word she says. I wouldn’t believe a weather report if she read it.”

He resigned from the ITV morning show after the Duchess complained to channel bosses and he refused to apologize.

Owens said he was right, and claimed Meghan’s interview was full of condradictions.

She also tweeted about the row: “If you believe Meghan Markle is a victim, you’re an idiot.”

She previously tweeted about Meghan: “Her and Harry implying that everything that happened to them is because of her blackness is a sickening level of scapegoating.”

Owens previously claimed that Trump’s impeachment had “nothing to do” with the deadly US Capitol riots that left five dead.

Yesterday she laid into “cowardly” Democrats for making a “drama” out of the January 6 siege, and insisted the US is “being run by toddlers in tiaras.”

The right-wing commentator has also recently mocked Joe Biden as “America’s senile-in-chief, slammed former President Barack Obama.

Candace Owens has launched another attack on Meghan’s complaints of racism

She said the British Press had undoubtedly been rude about Meghan, but not racist