EastEnders fans convinced Ben Mitchell attacked Ian Beale after Suki blackmails him with CCTV footage


EASTENDERS fans are convinced that Ben Mitchell was the one who attacked Ian Beale after Suki Panesar blackmailed him with CCTV footage.

Last week the businessman was brutally attacked and left for dead outside the Queen Vic, but has since returned to the Square after a miraculous recovery.

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EastEnders fans are convinced that Ben Mitchell is behind Ian Beales attack

After an altercation near the market involving himself, Sharon, mum Kathy Ben and son Peter yesterday, Ian thought that Ben was the person who attacked him.

But it looks like Ben has got away with it for now.

At the beginning of tonight’s episode Ben tried to provoke a reaction out of Ian after he returned home from the police station without being charged for the crime.

Ian said: “But I saw you in the Vic that night?”

Ian returned to the Square yesterday

Ben replied: “Your minds playing tricks on you Ian. Must have had a knock or something.

“Looks like there’s more than one person out to get you and I reckon the next chance they get, they’re going to finish the job.

“Anyway I just dropped by to say if you ever need anything again, forget it because you’re dead to me.”

Little did Ben know that Suki was listening in on their conversation whilst sorting out the newspaper stand outside the Minute Mart.

Ian has made a miraculous recovery since his attack

Later on in the episode Ben went into the shop to grab a few bits from the store and Suki well and truly put him in his place.

As Ben made small talk with the shop owner and paid for his can of fizzy drink, Suki brought up the fact she saw him with the police yesterday.

She then went on to talk about how handy it is having CCTV outside her shop, as she’s trying to catch some pesky teens who have graffitiing on her shop.

She said: “It’s a nuisance more than anything else. I’m out there every morning scrubbing it off…

Suki blackmailed Ben in tonight’s EastEnders

“But it means I’ve been reviewing the CCTV, to see if I can catch them.”

Ben’s face dropped.

She continued: “No luck so far. But there was something there from a couple of nights ago, someone leaving the pub around about the time that Ian was attacked.”

The shop owner decided to give him an ultimatum.

Ben looked concerned by the revelation

“Cameras are so good these days. So now I just need to figure out if I do my duty and share that with the police or not…”

A worried looking Ben replied: “How much?”

Suki said: “Ten grand. Small price to pay for your freedom.”

And after Suki and Ben’s sneaky conversation, fans of the popular BBC soap are pretty sure that Ben was the one who did it.

Many took to Twitter to share their thoughts about it.

One wrote: “Why would Ben have been at the Vic if he didn’t attack Ian?”

A second said: “Ben definitely knows something to do with Ian’s attack, but what?!”

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