Emily Maitlis’ Feud with TV Producer Over Prince Andrew Interview


Tensions Rise Between Maitlis and McAlister

Emily Maitlis, the face behind Prince Andrew's controversial Newsnight interview, is now entangled in a bitter feud with TV producer Sam McAlister. The once successful partnership has soured, with both women no longer on speaking terms.

Unacknowledged Role and Growing Rivalry

Maitlis, who earned significantly more than McAlister, reportedly failed to give credit to the producer for her role in securing the high-profile interview with the Duke of York. The rift between the two escalated at a recent event where Maitlis allegedly snubbed McAlister, intensifying their rivalry.

Clash of Success in Competitive Streaming

Adding fuel to the fire, Maitlis and McAlister are now each releasing their own projects on rival streaming platforms. Maitlis' upcoming series on Amazon Prime competes with McAlister's account of the interview in her book, "Scoops," adapted into a film by Netflix.

Differing Approaches and Dismissiveness

While Maitlis remains tight-lipped about the Netflix adaptation and her relationship with McAlister, tensions continue to simmer. The clash between the two successful women highlights the challenges of collaboration in the competitive world of media and entertainment.