Inside rare collection of Queen Elizabeth II’s belongings set to fetch thousands at auction – including undergarments

Picture supplied by Reeman Dansie/Bav Media 07976 880732. Picture shows the Queen’s driving in 1945.Her military provisional driving license which is up for auction. Lots in the Royalty, Fine Arts and Antiques sale at Reeman Dansie in Colchseter on November 8 and 9 include the late Queen’s rare military provisional driving license, which is set to fetch up to £2,000. The license was given to her when she was Princess Elizabeth and serving in the ATS and comes with a handwritten account of her service and photos from her driving instructor in the ATS, the late Major Violet Wellesley. The War Department Driving Permit No B1232 is named to HRH Princess Elizabeth and states she has blue eyes, is 5ft 4 and has light brown hair. It is dated March 1. 1945. It is signed “Elizabeth” by the Princess in ink. See copy catchline Queen Elizabeth’s underwear up for auction

A SET of the Queen’s old possessions are set to fetch thousands at auction next week – including the late monarch’s undergarments.

Also going under the hammer is the Queen’s provisional military driving license, which she used during her service in World War Two.

A selection of photographs from the Queen’s military days are up for grabs

They show the late monarch training as she served in WW2

Princess Elizabeth’s hand-signed driving license is expected to fetch up to £2000

Auctioneers are set to sell off a rare petticoat worn by the Queen for upwards of £1,500

The Queen’s rare 1950’s satin petticoat, complete with a lacework top, was personally made for the monarch and has crowned ER ciphers on the fringe.

The undergarment was later bought at a charity garden party from the Duchess of Grafton.

The duchess told the buyer she was given the petticoat by the Queen herself after she was finished with it.

Set to go under the hammer next week at Reeman Dansie Auctioneers in Colchester, the piece is expected to fetch at least £1,500.

Punters who miss out on the late Queen’s petticoat will also have the chance to buy her provisional military driving license, which could go for up to £2,000.

Dated March 1, 1945, the license was given to her when she was still Princess Elizabeth before she rose to the throne.

The license includes a handwritten account of her service during the world war when she served in the Auxiliary Territorial Service.

It is personally signed “Elizabeth” in ink, and states she has blue eyes, is 5ft 4, and has light brown hair.

The buyer will also snatch up photos of the princess taken by her driving instructor from her military days – Major Violet Wellesley.

Major Wellesley served in the First World War as a despatch rider and went on to become a driving instructor in the Women’s Royal Auxiliary Corps during the Second World War.

The King later appointed them to teach Princess Elizabeth to drive when she joined up in 1945.