Kate Middleton’s Heartwarming Moment with Prince Louis Revealed by Palace Insider


An Introduction to the Newest Royal Family Member

Kate Middleton, the beloved Princess of Wales, shared a special moment with palace staff when she introduced them to her youngest child, Prince Louis. According to a palace insider, Kate's sweet gesture left the staff feeling touched and appreciated.

'Boss Baby' Louis Wins Hearts

Prince Louis has captured the hearts of royal fans with his independent personality and expressive facial expressions. Affectionately known as 'Boss Baby', the young prince continues to make an impression at public appearances.

A Nickname Fit for a Prince

While 'Boss Baby' is his public nickname, Prince Louis is lovingly referred to as 'Lou Bug' by his parents. This endearing term was used by Kate when encouraging her son during a recent Scout's event.

Charlotte and George's Nicknames

Princess Charlotte, the couple's daughter, is called 'Lottie' by Kate, while William affectionately refers to her as 'Mignonette', a French term meaning dainty or cute. As for Prince George, rumors suggest he is called 'PG' at school, although his parents have not confirmed this publicly.

A Christmas Celebration with the Royal Family

Recently, Prince Louis joined his siblings and parents for the Together at Christmas carol concert at Westminster Abbey. The young prince delighted in blowing out candles and admiring the festive decorations before playfully imitating a transformer as he left the Abbey.