Meghan and Harry latest: Couple facing ‘spat’ with the Queen over military titles, royal expert claims


PRINCE Harry is facing a ‘spat’ with the Queen over being stripped of his military titles, a royal expert has claimed. 

After he and Meghan Markle stepped back from royal life, Prince Harry was forced to give up his various roles in Her Majesty’s armed forces for one year. 

The decision to strip him of the titles will be reviewed next month, with royal correspondent, Rebecca English, saying this was the ‘one issue’ left to resolve from the Sandringham summit, Mirror reported.

Speaking on the Daily Mail’s royal TV talk show, Palace Confidential, Rebecca said: “The military titles was the one issue after the Sandringham summit that was yet to be resolved.

“Obviously the couple were told they had to give up most of their royal links and patronages but Harry is very passionate about his work with the military.

“It does need to be a clean break and Harry will have to relinquish those titles as well.

“It does seem like there could be another spat on the horizon and again that’s something the monarchy and also Harry and Meghan don’t need.”

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