Meghan Markle latest – Lady Colin Campbell claims Duchess ‘weaponises colour’ & gets ‘free pass to behave badly’


LADY Colin Campbell claimed Meghan Markle “weaponises colour with everything” during an interview with an Australian TV show this morning.

The controversial author, who is known for her outspoken opinions, also claimed Prince Harry “would never have married her if she was white”.

She told the Today programme: “You see, as long as she plays the colour card, she gets a free pass to behave as badly and as freely as she would like.

“She has no boundaries and as long as she plays the colour card, it is open season.”

Meanwhile, Piers Morgan has sarcastically called for the Archbishop of Canterbury to be sacked for “disbelieving” Meghan Markle’s secret wedding claims.

It comes after the Archbishop Justin Welby confirmed Meghan and Harry weren’t legally married in their back garden three days before the royal wedding – despite making these claims during their Oprah Winfrey chat.

He tweeted: “The Archbishop of Canterbury should either apologise for disbelieving Meghan Markle’s secret wedding claims – or lose his job.”

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