Meghan Markle latest news: ‘Emotionally needy’ Prince Harry DOMINATED by Duchess & is now ‘paying price’ for Megxit


PRINCE Harry is “emotionally needy” and has been “utterly taken over” by Meghan Markle and is paying the price for Mexit, an expert has said.

The Duchess of Sussex recently confirmed she WILL attend the Invictus Games alongside Harry, on her first trip since quitting the Royal Family.

But Royal author Tina Brown believes the Duke is now “reliant” on the Duchess amid his reported feuds with the monarchy after his tell-all Oprah interview.

Ms Brown said: “The Oprah interview was desperately damaging to any relationship that Harry could ever hope to have with his family. And even that could have been gradually assuaged if he hadn’t then announced he was doing a memoir.

“I think the memoir was actually more breathtaking than the interview. Frankly, berating the world for the lack of privacy he’s had and now he can’t stop giving interviews… It’s amazing.”

She continued: “He’s so emotionally needy that he’s been completely and utterly taken over by Meghan and his whole personality has changed. It’s a really sad thing to a great many people.

“Meghan seems to answer some huge need in Harry and it seems like they are in a powerful co-dependency. And I do question how it will end.”

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