Piers Morgan blasts dim and entitled Prince Andrew and asks how hell ever clear his name over Epstein friendship


PIERS Morgan laid into Prince Andrew on Good Morning Britain branding him “dim and entitled” following his car crash interview.

The presenter asked how The Duke would “ever clear his name” following his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein.

Piers Morgan has branded Prince Andrew ‘dim and entitled’ on Good Morning Britain
Piers blasted the Duke over his relationship with convicted paedophile, Jeffrey Epstein

His remarks come as it emerges that Andy’s pal and Epstein’s former “madam” Ghislaine Maxwell is set to come out of hiding and speak to the FBI and the Duke steps down from public life.

Piers said: “This is very serious, Jeffrey Epstein may turn out to be one of the worst paedophiles in American history, and we have at the centre of his world even after a conviction, Prince Andrew.
“He came over so dim and entitled in that interview.
“My problem with it is I dont see how he clears his name after partying for four days with a convicted paedophile?”

He accused The Duke of York of “taking us for mugs” with his excuses over his meetings with Epstein.

Speaking on the programme with guests, including Princess Diana’s former butler Paul Burrell he continued, asking whether or not Andrew should be stripped of his HRH title.

Piers added: ” It seems to just get worse and worse. I remember how hurt Princess Diana was when she was made HRH when she married Charles and when the Queen ordered her to divorce, Charles insisted she lose her HRH.

Andrew has faced mounting criticism over his BBC interview
Also on the show with Piers and Susanna were Paul Burrell, Tom Slater and Eve Pollard

“If the royal family are willing to take an HRH away from Diana and ironically Fergie, just because you get divorced, what justification is there for Andrew maintaining the title and all the stuff that hast to go with it?

“I mean people have to bow and curtsy? At what point does that birth right get overturned?

“We dont want to pay any deference to anybody whos involved in a scandal like that.

“The stuff hes admitted to is damning already. I mean people say innocent until proven guilty but hes admitted to going to a convicted paedophiles home for a four day house party.”

Prince Andrew has always denied any wrong doing.