Piers Morgan tells the Queen to strip Prince Harry and Meghan Markle of royal titles after ‘using’ son Archie on podcast


PIERS Morgan has called on the Queen to strip Prince Harry and Meghan Markle of their royal titles after “using” their son Archie on a podcast.

The couple famously fled to Hollywood to seek “privacy” for their one-year-old last year.

Piers Morgan ranted about his ex-friend Meghan Markle

Since getting out of royal duties back in Britain, they have landed a number of lucrative deals for their future, including a £100million Netflix win and a £30million Spotify podcast of their own.

Highlighting their hypocrisy, Piers ranted on Good Morning Britain today: “They quit the country for privacy and they’ve hardly shut up since. They particularly wanted to protect their little boy who is the star of their new podcast. It is all complete hogwash.”

He added: “When ginge and cringe did their new podcast – that’s their new nicknames, because he’s got ginger hair and she makes me cringe – and little Archie was brought in to flog it, did that not make you [cringe]?

“After all that saying ‘we had to leave the country to protect his privacy. but now the moment we’ve signed a big-money deal we’re going to use him to flog our podcast’.”

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have signed big-money deals since leaving UK

Piers’ co-host Susanna Reid argued: “Archie is a part of their family and if they want to include him, then why not?”

“It all comes down to the same thing, would Spotify have given them two quid for this podcast if they weren’t the Duke and Duchess of Sussex? They wouldn’t have the profile if they weren’t members of the Royal Family.

“They are fleecing the Royal Family for money.

“Let them go and do their thing as Meghan and Harry, but stop using the Queen.

“It is completely inappropriate for members of the Royal Family to fleece commercial entities in this way.

“Spotify, Netflix, coffee companies.. they’re out there.

“Meghan clearly wants to make them fabulously rich, not a problem.

“She’s come in, taken the prince, and is now making millions.

“Why don’t we see how popular they are when they are just good old Megs and Harry, ginge and cringe.

“They are making a mockery of the Royal Family system.”

In March, the Palace agreed Harry and Meghan should enter a 12-month probationary period before a review of what future part in the Royal Family they might play.