Prince Harry and William urged to “grow up” and put their differences aside for their father’s sake


Time to be men, not boys

Prince Harry and Prince William are being called upon to put their differences aside and "grow up" for the sake of their father, King Charles. Royal expert Robert Jobson emphasized that the two brothers are no longer "Diana's boys" and should prioritize their father's health and well-being.

A truce is possible

Jobson suggested that the brothers could follow in their father's footsteps and establish a truce, just as William did after the Queen's death. He encouraged them to bury the hatchet, agree to disagree, and focus on rebuilding their relationship.

William remains focused

While William returned to work this week amid his father's cancer crisis, he is said to be fully focused on supporting his wife, Kate, who is recovering from surgery. Jobson stressed the importance of the brothers ending their rift and advised Harry to stop seeking "cheap publicity."

Time for maturity and responsibility

According to Jobson, it is time for both Harry and William to step up and show maturity and responsibility. With Charles's health in question, Jobson believes it is the brothers' duty to be there for their father and contribute to his well-being.

A plea for private apologies

Jobson emphasized that any apologies between the brothers should happen privately. He acknowledged that the loss of a parent often leads to accelerated maturity, and it is now time for Harry and William to move forward and take responsibility for their actions.

Harry's recent speech

In a recent speech at the 2024 NFL Honors in Las Vegas, Harry made jokes and handed out an award without mentioning his father. Jobson highlighted the need for Harry to realize the importance of apologizing to his father and putting an end to any public disputes.

Overall, Jobson's message to the brothers is clear: it is time for them to grow up, be men, and prioritize their father's well-being over any personal differences.