Prince Harry finally addresses THAT Las Vegas photo of him naked playing strip billiards in revealing podcast


PRINCE Harry has finally addressed the famous snap taken of him naked in Las Vegas in a revealing podcast.

The Duke of Sussex was quizzed over the 2012 photo where he was pictured covering his privates during a game of strip billiards.

Prince Harry joined Dax Shepard and Monica Padman for a candid Armchair Expert podcast
Harry laughed about the famous 2012 pictures of him in the nude in Las Vegas

Speaking on Armchair Expert podcast, Dax Shepard was brutally honest with the duke: “I’m really excited to meet you because, in full disclosure I’m the most ill-informed person on the royal family, at least in my circle,

“You’re the only one I ever knew and simply because you were in those awesome nude photos in Vegas. And I literally said to myself, ‘This guy’s a party!’” he added.

Harry replied: “I’m sure, you’re constantly looking for other people to go, sort of balance out your own behaviour, right?” 

“It’s relatable!” he exclaimed.

Dax continued to flatter the Prince, and said: “”On top of that, I was like, ‘God! This motherf–ker’s got a good body!’ You are in tremendous shape.”

“Okay, now it’s getting weird,” Harry laughed, before he added: “That was a few weeks before I went to Afghanistan.”

“At least I wasn’t running down the strip, stripping or naked,” he added.

The pair joked about how Dax owns a raunchy calendar of men in the buff, and Harry said: “Why wasn’t I September?”

He opened up about how he wanted to quit the royal family 15 years before Megxit because he was concerned over what it “did to my mum”.

The 36-year-old, revealed he wanted to leave the Firm back when he was in his 20s, years before he met Meghan Markle.

He quit the UK last year for a new life in the US with Meghan and son Archie after the couple stepped down as senior royals.

On the podcast, Harry revealed..

  • Prince Harry claims his life is like the film The Truman Show and he is targeted with “vile and toxic abuse” by trolls
  • Harry revealed how he and Meghan Markle first met up in a supermarket – and ‘pretended’ they didn’t know each other to avoid attracting attention
  • Harry tries to have “compassion” for trolls, but finds it “really hard when you’re on the receiving end”
  • The Duke said that life had felt “more free” since his move to LA with Meghan
  • Harry doesn’t believe in the “old way of thinking” where girls just “want to be a princess”
  • Meghan Markle gave Prince Harry words of wisdom about Royal life – telling him “you can create your own life better than any princess”

When asked about his trips as a royal around the Commonwealth, Harry told the Armchair Expert podcast: “It’s the job right? Grin and bear it, get on with it.

“In my early 20s, it was a case of, I don’t want this job. I don’t want to be here, I don’t want to be doing this, look what it did to my mum.

“How am I ever going to settle down, have a wife and a family when I know, that it’s going to happen again?

“Because I know, I’ve seen behind the curtain. I’ve seen the business model, I know how the operation runs and how it works, and I don’t want to be a part of this.”

Harry also spoke candidly about his experience with therapy as he opened up about his mental health.

He said once he started seeing a professional, the “bubble burst”.

Harry added: “I plucked my head out of the sand, gave it a good shake off, and I was like okay. You are in this position of privilege stop complaining, stop thinking as though you want something different, make this different.

“Because you can’t get out. So how are you going to do this differently, how are you going to make your mum proud, how are you going to use this platform to really affect change and be able to give people that confidence to be able to change their own lives?”

The prince swore during the candid chat when he asked Dax what it was like to take a “s***load” of drugs.

Shepard first started using drugs and alcohol in high school but sought help for his addiction in 2004 – and was sober for 16 years before a recent relapse which he revealed on his podcast in October last year. He has been clean since.  

Prince Harry asked Shepard whether he had “an awareness” of what was fuelling his use of drugs as a younger man.

He then continued: “For you it was your upbringing and everything that happened to you – the trauma, pain and suffering…

“All of a sudden you find yourself doing a s***load of drugs and partying hard. 

“Look how many other people do that as well. They wouldn’t have the awareness at the time.

“I certainly wouldn’t have had the awareness when I was going wild.

“It’s like why am I actually doing this? In the moment its like, this is fun. I’m in my 20s – it’s what you’re supposed to do”. 

Harry also revealed how he and Meghan first met up in a supermarket – and ‘pretended’ they didn’t know each other to avoid attracting attention. 

The pair went to great lengths to keep their relationship and trips across the globe a secret from the world until October 2016, when news first broke they were an item. 

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