Prince William ‘didn’t speak to Harry for months after he and Meghan revealed their Megxit plans online’


WILLIAM and Harry barely speak — and cut contact completely for two months.

The depth of their rift is revealed by writer Omid Scobie today in a TV interview about his pro-Meghan biography Finding Freedom.

The author of royal biography Finding Freedom claims Harry and William didn’t speak for months

The princes barely talk today and Kate and Meghan have cut contact completely

Tensions were apparently inflamed after Meghan accused Kate of snubbing her during her pregnancy

He says of the breach: “It’s going to take some time to heal.”

Tensions were inflamed because Meghan accused Kate of not supporting her in the “dark days” of her pregnancy.

Prince William was furious with Harry and Meghan for “damaging the Royal Family’s reputation” by posting their Megxit plan online.

Scobie also reveals that in an astonishing outburst, Harry yelled “What the hell” at the Queen in a row over a royal aide.

In a new interview to be broadcast around the world today on True Royalty TV, Scobie tells presenter Kate Thornton of the silence between the brothers since Megxit.

He says: “The brothers had not spoken since around the time of the Sandringham summit. They hadn’t seen each other. That’s really going to take some time to heal.”

Scobie, who is promoting his pro-Meghan biography Finding Freedom, adds: “I think the distance between the brothers grew wider and wider.

“And that’s partly because of things that take place — and we discuss them in the book.”

Scobie says the relationship between the brothers broke down entirely because Harry and Meghan released their plan to Megxit, causing damage to the monarchy.

They posted their decision online after HOAR revealed their intentions.

He adds: “I think really where it went wrong for Harry and Meghan and the Cambridges was that decision to go public with the road map to their new working model.

“The statements weren’t discussed internally. That’s really what caused the most amount of hurt to William, because he wears two hats.

“He’s not just the brother, he’s also future king and he felt that damaged the reputation of the family.

“That it put family business out into the public domain when it should’ve been discussed privately and there was a lot of hurt there that continues to this day.”

Multiple royal sources have told HOAR that William and Harry now hardly speak, with Kate and Meghan cutting contact entirely.

An insider said: “It’s completely wrong to think William and Harry are communicating like they used to. The fallout is serious and difficult. Kate and Meghan don’t communicate personally at all.”

Speaking of the breach, writer Omid Scobie says ‘it’s going to take some time to heal’
Scobie appeared on True Royalty TV to promote his pro-Meghan book

Scobie, who admits to speaking to Harry and Meghan in the notes of his book, accuses Kate of having a part in the relationship failing.

He says: “I don’t think there was really much attempt to make them stay.

“If I’m being honest — and that’s highlighted throughout the book — the relationship between Meghan and Kate really never progressed that far.

“Meghan felt there wasn’t much effort made on Kate’s side to look after her during some of the darker moments, particularly during her pregnancy.”

Scobie will also spark controversy by revealing in the interview with The Royal Beat TV show that Charles is supportive of Harry and Meghan’s decision to sue the Mail on Sunday over publishing the Duchess’s letter to her estranged father Thomas.

But Charles, he claims, is “too afraid” to say so publicly.


He says: “He quietly supported Harry and Meghan’s decision to sue the Mail On Sunday over the letter. But did he publicly support them?

“No, absolutely not. As a future king it’s important for him to have a healthy relationship with the Press.”

However, Scobie says William and Kate felt “it was a bad idea and they couldn’t support the move” and that it was best to leave it alone, which caused further fallout between the couples.

In another bombshell revelation, Scobie claims the royal institution would “stop at nothing to make Meghan’s life difficult”, especially over rows surrounding their departing PA and the Duchess’ wedding tiara.

He discloses that an angry Harry phoned the Queen before his wedding to aggressively complain about her key assistant Angela Kelly.

His fury was over a row about what headpiece Meghan was going to wear at the wedding — now known as tiaragate.

Scobie revealed: “Harry had to intervene. He called his grandmother and said, ‘I don’t know what the hell is going on. This woman needs to make this work for my future wife.’

William was furious with Harry for ‘damaging the Royal Family’s reputation’ after Megxit

Meghan and Harry quit as senior royals earlier this year

Kate is also accused of playing her part in the rift after Megxit

Scobie says ‘Meghan felt there wasn’t much effort made on Kate’s side to look after her during the darker moments of her pregnancy’

“Harry felt that there were those within the institution that would stop at nothing at the very least to make Meghan’s life difficult.

“Meghan didn’t get to try the tiara on again until a few days before the wedding.”

Scobie also reveals that Harry and Meghan were furious about the coverage of the departure of their personal assistant.

He says: “(The PA) supposedly walked out because Meghan was impossible to deal with.

“It turns out that personal assistant was actually very unpopular with the couple through much of the things she’d done over the months before leaving.

“And actually she was supported by friends in the palace who protected her from negative Press coverage when she lost that role.

“In fact a palace source went on to describe her in one of the papers as a ‘much loved asset to the team’.

“And Harry and Meghan were literally scratching their heads because that wasn’t what had happened.

“They felt very unprotected at points and almost as if they were being put aside for other people’s agendas.”

Scobie also hints in the interview that the couple have no plans to return to the UK after buying a “forever home” in Santa Barbara, California, worth £11million.

He adds: “People can’t say they’re too Hollywood because they’re not in Los Angeles any more. Santa Barbra has many private communities in it.

“It’s why we’ve never seen paparazzi photos of Oprah or Ellen or Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis at their homes. It is extremely private.

“There is a fantastic ring of security around parts of Santa Barbara that I think they’ll feel safe in because what they have is pretty much a compound.

“It’s not just a house, there’s a massive amount of land they’ve got there.”

Scobie also revealed Harry is intending to open up about his own racially-insensitive behaviour in the past, including calling an army friend the P-word and dressing as a Nazi at a birthday party.

He said: “He’s on a journey at the moment and I do think that at some point we’ll hear him talk about that journey.”

Scobie also says Prince Charles is supportive of Harry and Meghan’s decision to sue the Mail on Sunday

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