Queen Elizabeth news – Prince Andrew will NEVER lose Duke of York title as Her Majesty ignores growing public fury


THE Queen will NOT strip Andrew of his Duke of York title, despite facing mounting public pressure to do so.

Royal sources have said Her Majesty “certainly will not” force Andrew to give up his Duke title which was bestowed upon him in 1986.

The source told The Mirror: “The Queen certainly will not take any further action in that regard (of removing his titles).

“The Duke of York has stepped back from public life and already had a range of titles and associations removed and Her Majesty’s position has not deviated from that.”

It comes as Rachael Maskell, the Labour MP for York Central, previously announced how she had met Commons officials to investigate ways of forcing Prince Andrew to give up his Duke of York title.

However, an Act of Parliament is needed for the title – Andrew’s last major honorary position – to be taken away, meaning a statute would have to be passed by both the House of Commons and the Lords.

Meanwhile, Andrew was this week stripped of another honour after the city of York agreed to remove his title as Honorary Freeman.

The underfire royal was given the freedom of the city of York in a lavish ceremony in 1987, shortly after his marriage to Sarah Ferguson.

York City Council voted to remove his status as an Honorary Freeman in an extraordinary full council meeting that took just 40 minutes to reach its decision to strip the Queen‘s favourite son of his titles.

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