Coronation Street star has secret role in Love Actually – have you spotted them?


CORONATION Street’s fans will be surprised to know that Johnny Connor actor Richard Hawley appeared in one of the best-loved Christmas films of all time.

The actor, who first hit the cobbles back in 2015, landed a part in hit romcom, Love Actually.

Richard Hawley played lovable character Johnny Connor on Coronation Street

The actor appeared in Christmas film Love Actually

Richard, 61, starred alongside Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, Bill Nighy, Martine McCutcheon and Keira Knightley in the iconic Richard Curtis film.

He played deputy prime minister Alex in the 2003 hit film, and appeared in numerous scenes alongside Hugh who portrayed the Prime Minister.

The actor, who has also had roles in police drama series Prime Suspect, was killed off in a tragic storyline last year.

As a savage storm devastated the street, potholes started to form, forcing brave Johnny to climb underground in an effort to save estranged wife Jenny Bradley. 

In a grim twist of fate, Jenny managed to escape with the help of Shona Platt, while Johnny fell unconscious and drowned before anyone could rescue him. 

Jenny begged him to fight to stay alive, shouting: “Johnny say something – are you OK? 

“Johnny listen to me, they’re here. They’re going to be with you soon. You don’t have to talk to me but look at me. 

“Just raise your head Johnny. Johnny look at me. They’re here.”

But in a devastating scene Johnny began to hear the voice of his late son Aidan calling him dad.

As she realised what was going on Jenny shouted: “Johnny please you just need to hold on. I love you.”

After telling Jenny he loved her too, Johnny slipped away under the water leaving Jenny screaming in anguish.

In heartbreaking scenes Carla watched as Jenny was brought out without Johnny and it dawned on her what had happened.

Viewers were in floods of tears as Johnny exited the soap.

One wrote: “Aww that was heartbreaking hearing Johnny calling out Aidens name.”

A second said: “I cannot believe the lovely Johnny Connor has gone!”

Another added: “Poor Johnny, I’m beyond heartbroken and when we heard Aiden’s voice well that was it!! R.I.P Johnny”

After his character was killed off, he appeared on Loose Women to talk about his future career plans, revealing he wants to train as a forest school volunteer.

He said: “Firstly, I’m going to train and volunteer in a forest school nearby where I live. I did a bit of work in one and they’re just fantastic places for kids.”

Opening up about his soap exit, He added: said: “I had always wanted to do what was a really great love story and to be perfectly honest, if you want to do a really great love story, somebody has to die.

“It has to be over. And that’s what we wanted. That’s why I stepped up, really and said I was ready to go.”

Richard starred alongside Hugh Grant and Martine McCutcheon

Johnny said a sad farewell to the cobbles after he died in a sinkhole