Royal Family news latest: Queen won’t stop Charles plan to ‘keep Andrew out of public’ as Duke to hide away at Balmoral


PRINCE Andrew’s lawyers have been told to “stop wasting time & money” by a judge and that they should “cut out all technicalities”.

Top Hollywood lawyer Andrew Brettler has been hired to represent the Duke of York in court following claims he had been served a lawsuit at his home in Windsor.

Mr Brettler told a New York court on Monday that the Duke had not been properly served the lawsuit – but a judge suggested that Prince Andrew’s lawyers were making the case “more complicated” than it was by challenging the method of service.

Judge Kaplan told Mr Brettler: “You have a pretty high degree of certainty that he can be served sooner than later. Let’s cut out all the technicalities and get to the substance.

“There is a very swift way of getting to the substance promptly. But you two need to talk about that. Because I can see a lot of legal fees being spent and time being expended and delay, which ultimately may not be terribly productive for anyone.”

Meanwhile, the Queen’s closest friend, Sir Timothy Coleman has passed away aged 91.

Sir Timothy, the husband of the Queen’s first cousin Lady Mary Colman, was a frequent guest at Sandringham and close friend of Her Majesty.

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