The Queen has a secret Facebook account but no one outside the palace knows how many friends she has


SHE may be 93, but the Queen is quite savvy when it comes to her technology.

Her Majesty is said to have her own personal account on Facebook, as well as a highly-protected phone and iPad. 

The Queen is said to have her own Facebook account for personal use

According to the Daily Mail, The Queen also has an iPad and a laptop, and she has a personal account on Facebook though no one outside the Palace knows how many Friends she has.

She has her own mobile, has learned how to text and her phone is among the most sophisticated in the world. It is encrypted, like those used by the security services, and is said to be impossible to be hacked into.

The royal mobile is kept fully charged at all times by Angela Kelly, the Queens personal assistant and senior dresser.

The monarch is said to have been given expert tuition in using her technology, and she was also helped by eldest grandchildren, Peter Phillips and his sister, Zara.

Her Majesty has always tried to keep up when it comes to technology

The monarch is said to have been given expert tuition in using her technology

The two people the Queen speaks to the most on her phone are said to be daughter, Princess Anne, and racing manager John Warren. 

Unsurprisingly, the Queen is one of the best-connected people in the world, and her Buckingham Palace exchange has one of the most enviable directories. 

It is manned 24/7 and possesses the private numbers of every world leader or high-ranking individual that the monarch would need to contact.

Although the Queen has always tried to embrace modern technology, she is said to loathe mobiles when she is out in public.

She is said to have told former US ambassador Matthew Barzun that she finds it strange to see the backs of phones and misses eye contact”

We shared how the Queen looked rosy in orange at church with Princess Anne just days after pulling out of event due to a cold.

And it has been reported that Sophie Wessex to step up and represent the Queen at more Royal engagements after Megxit.

Meanwhile, the Queen is looking for kitchen staff to live at Buckingham Palace you dont need experience & youll be paid 18k.