The Queen requested she have her very own flag design to represent her as an individual – and it’s covered in roses


THE Queen requested she have her very own flag design to represent her as an individual, and it’s covered in roses. 

In 1960 the monarch decided she wanted to have a personal flag, different from the Royal Standard. 

The Queen decided she wanted her own flag design to represent her as an individual

The background is blue with the initial ‘E’ in the middle, for Elizabeth, with the royal crown on top, both in gold. 

Surrounding the letter and crown is a garland of roses, also in gold, and the edges of the flag feature a golden trim. 

The flag can be flown on any building, ship, aircraft or car in which the Queen is travelling or staying in, and no other members of the Royal family are allowed to use it. 

Detailing the history of the design, the royal website said: “The Royal Standard represents not only the Sovereign but also the United Kingdom….

The flag was created in 1960 at the Queen’s request

“Whereas The Queen’s own flag is personal to her alone and can be flown by no one other than The Queen.”

As well as being used by the monarch, it has since been adopted as the Queen’s de-facto Commonwealth flag. 

The royal website explained: “Since its introduction, the flag’s use has been altered. Although it is not a ‘Head of Commonwealth’ flag, it has in effect become The Queen’s personal Commonwealth flag. 

“It is flown to mark her presence in non-monarchical Commonwealth countries and in realms that have not adopted a personal flag specifically for The Queen.

No other members of the royal family are allowed to use the Queen’s design

“Some realms have adopted their own versions of the flag to be flown as a personal flag when The Queen is in their country, each one incorporating the country’s arms with The Queen’s personal design. 

“The Queen’s personal flag is also flown on a number of Commonwealth occasions in the United Kingdom.”

The Queen’s personal flag differs in design and use from the Royal Standard, which was created in 1603.

The royal standard flag is flown at whichever residence the Queen is staying at

The royal website revealed the differences between the two, saying: “The Royal Standard is flown only when the Sovereign is present.

“If the Union Jack is flying above Buckingham Palace instead of the Standard, The Queen is not in residence.

“When The Queen goes to Parliament, the Royal Standard flies from Victoria Tower.

“Unlike the Union flag, the Royal Standard is never flown at half mast, even after the death of a monarch, as there is always a Sovereign on the throne.”

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