The Queen was left needing three stitches after breaking up a fight between her corgis in 1991


THE QUEEN needed three stitches after she was bitten by one of her own corgis back in 1991.

Her Majesty, who is well known for her love of the dog breed, received a severe cut after attempting to break up a fight between her eight pets.

The Queen required three stitches after breaking up a fight with her eight corgis back in 1991

A report by the Daily Express at the time claimed that the monarchs chauffeur also had a trip to A&E after becoming involved in the scrap.

The Express said: She was bitten when eight of her corgis got into a scrap with two of the Queen Mother’s pets in the grounds of Windsor Castle.

She received a severe cut to her hand which needed three stitches.

The Queen Mother’s chauffeur, John Collins, also waded in to help stop the battle and had to go to hospital for a tetanus jab.

The Queens jabs were, however, up to date so she were able to stay put and be treated at the castle.

The Queens chauffeur had to go to A&E to get a tetanus shot after getting involved in the scrap

The 93-year-old monarch will not be breaking up any corgis scraps soon as her last corgi, Whisper died in October last year.

The beloved 12-year-old pooch was a huge hit at the palace, and used to devotedly follow her from room to room.

The Queen still has two furry friends left, Candy and Vulcan, who are dorgis, dachshund and corgi crosses.

The death of Whisper marked the end of an era for the Queen, who has cared for corgis since she received her first one, called Susan, for her 18th birthday in 1944.

The Queen fell in love with the breed, and all her subsequent corgis can trace their lineage to Susan.

The Queen was introduced to the joys of the Welsh breed at the age of seven by her father, King George VI, who had one called Dookie

Although she became an expert in the breed over the years, she made the decision to stop breeding them five years ago.

Her Majesty is said to have feared tripping over them, and also worried about who would care for them if she was no longer able to herself.

Bounding, snapping, leaping and constantly vying for attention, at one time the Queen had 13 corgis to take for walkies, leadingPrincess Dianato dub them the moving carpet.

Living a pampered lifestyle where they ate fresh rabbit from silver bowls and were rarely told off, the disobedient hounds bit courtiers, policemen, guardsmen and even the Queen herself.

She was introduced to the joys of the Welsh breed at the age of seven by her father, King George VI, who had one called Dookie.

The Kinghad opted for the Pembroke corgi, which is more boisterous than the Cardigan, and has a tendency to bark at everything.

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