The Queen’s Nose actress Victoria Shalet unrecognisable 27yrs later after career change

VICTORIA SHALET British Actress (Stars in the BBC Children's TV Drama series "The Queen's Nose") Universal Pictorial Press Photo UGL 010542/A-32 27.10.1995 *** Local Caption *** .

VICTORIA Shalet has undergone a dramatic transformation, less than thirty years after her acting debut.

The former actress starred as Harmony Parker in the BBC series The Queen’s Nose.

Victoria Shalet starred as Harmony Parker on The Queen’s Nose

She strayed away from the limelight

She now works as a therapist

Victoria, 41, was the original star of the show as Harmony, but decided not to return for the rebooted series in 2000.

She stayed in the role for five years and gained nine A-levels in that time.

She made her acting debut at the age of 8 after she secured a role in the BBC series Testimony Of A Child and continued to perform and attend school throughout her childhood and teen years.

After her star turn she appeared in Midsomer Murders and Jonathan Creek before giving up acting for good.

Victoria revealed that on-screen roles had dried up somewhat in the late noughties and decided missing out on a role in medical-drama Holby City was a sign that she should give up altogether and pursue her other ambitions.

But by 2012, Victoria fell out of love with acting and started looking to other interests.

In an interview with Glamour Magazine she said: “I got to my early twenties and realized my heart just wasn’t in it.”

“Then I had some therapy myself and it really did make me re-evaluate what I wanted from life.”

The star has worked as a humanistic psychotherapist since 2012 and has a practice based in Chiswick, London.

She said her 23 years in acting and “observing the human condition fuelled my interest in people and how the mind works.”

Victoria became engaged to Vigil actor, Adam James in 2013 before tying the knot in 2015.

Victoria and Adam had their first child in September 2016.

Adam already has a daughter, Daisy, from a previous relationship.

The Queen’s Nose ran for three series before it was revived by the BBC in 2000 with new stories following Melody Parker, Harmony’s sister.

The revived show ran for another four series before ending in 2003.

Based on the book by Dick King-Smith, where the owner of the magic 50p could rub its nose and make up to ten wishes.

Main character Harmony would always be getting in and out of scrapes with the help of her mystical coin.

She is married to actor Adam James and they share a child

Victoria keeps most of her life under wraps
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