UK weather forecast LIVE – Jubilee Bank Holiday WASHOUT with rain sweeping in to ‘all areas’ within days


THE MET Office has said the weather for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee bank holiday looks unclear – and it could be a washout across the country.

The Met Office forecast predicting the weather next week does say there is a possibility of sunshine, coming in from the Atlantic, but it is still early to be sure what will happen.

But if a low pressure over the Azores comes closer, then it is likely to bring showers for the whole country with Met Office forecaster Aidan McGivern calling it a “loose cannon”.

Mr McGivern said: “The trend towards more unsettled weather continues later on Sunday as low pressure over Scandinavia begins to drift its way westwards appearing into the North Sea, containing a lot of cloud, some rain as well which may well affect the North Sea coast, parts of eastern England, parts of eastern Scotland during Monday”.

He added: “Again the driest and brightest weather will be towards the west and that is closer to the high pressure. Sunny spells and feeling pleasant in the sunshine but always a chance of a shower in the west.

“More likely we will see showers in the east, along with that brisk wind it will feel on the cool side, temperatures declining day by day and overnight temperatures will decline as well so some chilly nights to come, Sunday night, Monday night, Tuesday night for example.”

The low system is like a “loose cannon, its going to meander about fairly randomly, that makes its behaviour difficult to predict,” added Mr McGivern.

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