Why will Camilla not be Queen when Prince Charles is King?


CAMILLA Parker-Bowles’ husband, Prince Charles is next in line to the throne.

Clarence House has released a statement addressing the speculation whether the Duchess of Cornwall will assume the title of queen when Queen Elizabeth’s eldest child takes the throne.

Camilla with her husband, Prince Charles who is next in line to the throne

What will Camilla’s title be when Prince Charles becomes King?

After Charles takes the throne, Camilla will be known as princess consort, forgoing the title of Queen.

Clarence House, in a statement said: “This was announced at the time of the marriage and there has been absolutely no change at all”.

The wives of male members of the British family often take the female version of their husband’s titles after marriage.

Charles and Camilla’s relationship has never been without scandal and speculation.

After Charles’ relationship with Camilla became known whilst he was still married to Princess Diana, public opinion on Camilla soured.

When the couple wed in 2005, Camilla rejected the title of Princess of Wales in order to avoid backlash as that was Diana’s title in life and was still known as such after her death.

Why have the royals denied Camilla the Queen consort?

Camilla with Queen Elizabeth in 2017

Camilla with Queen Elizabeth in 2017

Camilla has not been denied the title of Queen consort.

However, after her 2005 wedding to Charles, Buckingham Palace said she will not become queen following her husband’s ascension to the throne.

At the time, this was believed to be due to public opinion of Camilla following the controversies surrounding her relationship with the prince.

Has public opinion on Camilla changed?

A recent poll by YouGov shows Camilla is the eleventh most popular member of the royal family

After Camilla’s marriage to Prince Charles, the mother of two had to win public opinion which had suffered significantly at the time.

This was due to the enduring popularity of Diana even after her death.

A recent poll by YouGov suggests Camilla is the eleventh most popular member of the royal family and the eighth most famous.

The poll shows that 29% of people have a positive opinion of her, while 32% have a negative opinion.