Cindy Beale shows her true colours as she clashes with the Panesars and George Knight in EastEnders


EastEnders fans are in for a treat as Cindy Beale, played by Michelle Collins, stirs up trouble in Albert Square. Despite Ian Beale's desperation to do business with the Panesar family, Cindy's villainous streak becomes evident as she ruffles feathers and causes chaos.

Business with the Panesars

Ian Beale, played by Adam Woodyatt, is determined to stay in business and turns to the Panesars for help. However, they are unimpressed by his business skills until Cindy takes control of the deal. Will they be successful?

A new business pitch

Cindy launches a new bid for investment from the Panesars with a pie and mash shop business pitch. Will she be able to convince them to partner with the Beales?

Peter's past and leverage

Peter Beale confesses his past involvement with Ash Panesar and Suki to his mother Cindy. Unfortunately for him, Cindy uses this information as leverage over Vinny Panesar. How will this affect their business deal?

The search for Nugget

Ravi Gulati is horrified to discover that Nugget is missing and blames Suki. The search for Nugget begins, causing more tension in the already complicated situation.

A blown deal

Cindy's efforts to secure the deal provoke fury in Nish, who criticizes her parenting track record. Hurt by his comments, Cindy rips up the contract, blowing the whole deal. Will she be able to salvage the situation?

Family drama

Cindy's distraction over Peter's dismissal by Gina and Anna Knight leads her to the pub, where she has a heart-to-heart with Gina. Anna witnesses their conversation and decides to share important information with her mother. How will this affect Cindy's plans?

Staking her claim

Cindy reveals that she and George both own half of the Marbella bar, putting a damper on Elaine and George's excitement over its sale. Determined to keep things civil, George invites Cindy and Ian to dinner to discuss the issue. Will tensions rise during their meeting?

Manipulation at play

As Cindy gets George alone, she becomes manipulative. Will her plan backfire?

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