Dev Alahan takes drastic action to save son Aadi from Courtney Vance in Coronation Street


Dev's Dismay

In a shocking turn of events, Courtney Vance and Aadi Alahan have started an affair, much to the dismay of Dev. The concerned father takes action to pull the lovers apart, but the question remains, will his plan work?

Enter Stephanie Davis

Actress Stephanie Davis makes her debut on the popular ITV soap as Aadi Alahan's newest love interest, Courtney Vance. Their affair was recently exposed and Courtney learned that she would not receive any of her husband Darren's money.

Tensions Rise

After Courtney and Darren's separation, she moved in with Aadi and his family against Dev's wishes. However, the pressure mounts when Courtney urges Aadi to find them a place to live.

Dev in Disapproval

As Aadi promises to find a place for them, Dev can't hide his disapproval. When Bernie Winter reveals that Shelly's old flat is available for rent, Aadi is thrilled while Dev glowers at her.

Plans in Motion

Aadi and Courtney announce that they will be moving into Shelly's old flat. Courtney even vows to sell her rings to contribute towards the deposit, with the remaining cash earmarked for a celebration.

A Bold Move

To further exacerbate the situation, Courtney drags Aadi to the Bistro where a golf club event is taking place. In an attempt to provoke Darren, Courtney openly displays affection towards Aadi and talks loudly about their new flat.

Aadi Caught in the Middle

Dev can barely bear to watch as Aadi and Darren square up. Bernie tries to intervene and warns Courtney that she sees through her intentions. To Bernie, it is clear that Courtney is using Aadi while still being in love with Darren.

Desperate Measures

Meanwhile, Darren pulls Dev aside and offers him £5k to break up Courtney and Aadi. Dev returns home with the money and offers it to Courtney, hoping she will end things with Aadi. The question remains, will she take the bait?

Heartbreak Ahead?

As the drama unfolds, Aadi's heart hangs in the balance. Will he end up heartbroken? And could Darren and Courtney find their way back to each other?

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