Emmerdale spoilers: Samson Dingle stuck in France as his parents isolate at the farm


SAMSON Dingle gets stuck on his school trip in France during lockdown as his parents isolate at the farm next week in Emmerdale.

The teenager’s absence gives Sam and Lydia the space to lay bare their deepest fears on the ITV soap.

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Sam and Lydia isolate together at the farm

Things have hardly been plain sailing with Samson over the last few year as he’s struggled to get use to his dad dating Lydia.

The youngster lashed out at Sam’s new partner when she was revealed as the mother of the dead baby discovered in the school grounds. 

He then caused more trouble when he pawned his mum Alice’s wedding ring back in March to get the money to go on a school trip.

Samson is stuck on a school trip to France seeing his French girlfriend

Next week’s episodes of Emmerdale will see Samson stuck in France on a school trip as Sam and Lydia isolate together in the village. 

With his son stuck in France, Sam feels on edge and insists that Lydia stay indoors.

But Lydia, sick of the same old dinner, eventually can’t resist venturing outside to get a click and collect order. 

Later, Lydia is surprised when Sam snaps at her after discovering that she’s been outside. 

Sam gets overprotective of Lydia during lockdown

With Samson out of the way, Sam eventually reveals the real reason he’s being so protective of Lydia. 

But what is it – and will Lydia be understanding?

Talking about Samson’s absence, actor James Hooton – who plays Sam on the ITV soap – said: “He loves his son but Samson is being well looked after and in the script Sam comments that Samson will be loving it as he can be on his phone all day without people giving him any grief about it. 

“He is on this trip seeing his French girlfriend. Sam is okay with him being over there as he knows he is okay. His major concern is with Lydia.”

Speaking about his character Sam’s lockdown storyline, he added: “It is not all fun and games. Just as the lockdown process has not been fun and games for everyone. But in this episode we see a bit of light hearted jovial stuff between Sam and Lydia, and then we see a different side, the emotional and serious stuff. 

“Sam’s concerns come to a bit of a head and the characters have a couple of fall outs in the episode. It is a bit of a journey for both of them.”