Coronation Street fans all have the same complaint about Carla and Peter’s new flat


FANS of Coronation Street were delighted to see a brand new set on the show in the form of Carla and Peter’s new flat but were soon all left with the same complaint.

On the ITV soap, Carla and Peter have moved out of 1 Coronation Street with Ken Barlow into their own new flat.

Fans did not take kindly to Carla and Peter’s new abode

Fans were appalled at the layout of the room

But many fans were left dismayed at the confusing layout of the property and took issue with its interior design.

Viewers were left taking ITV bosses to town over the placement of the furniture.

They were appalled at the apparent lack of attention to detail that had gone into the decoration of the flat which saw a chair facing the opposite way placed right in front of the TV.

This left many fans scratching their heads as to how the couple watch TV in the flat and what they actually look at when they sit in the oddly placed chair.

Complaining about the new set, one fan wrote: “That TV is very poorly placed!”

Another bluntly pointed out:  “It annoys me that the TV isn’t directly opposite the couch, in fact, there is a chair in front of it.” 

A third viewer added: “The chair is in the way of the TV … only saying …”

“TV placement does not work,” said another as one fan quickly followed up with: “Who puts a chair in front of the TV sideways? lol, do like the settee though.”

The criticism continued to come in thick and fast for the Corrie design team as another fumed: “How would you watch the tv with the table and the big chair in front of it?”

It comes as the pair moved into the flat after Peter was mysteriously duped by a man offloading his motorbike.

As part of his outlandish ‘onion bhaji to motorbike’ plan, Peter had been acquiring a range of items and swapping them for something bigger each time.

He thought he had landed on his target before police officer Jess informed him that the bike was in fact stolen.

Eventually after speaking with the police, Jess let Peter go after the issue was resolved with the owner of the bike.

In an odd turn of events, the woman who owned the bike gifted it to Peter after all, admitting she bought it for her cheating ex and she no longer wanted him to have it.

But is there more to come and is the woman hiding more than she is letting on?

Fans could not understand where the couple were supposed to look