Coronation Street fans convinced Alina will ruin Tyrone’s wedding with life-changing news

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TYRONE Dobbs prepares to marry Fiz Stape for the third time on Christmas day – but fans think they will get an unwanted guest.

Alina Pop left the cobbles to go back to Romania pregnant with Tyrone’s baby back in September 2021.

Tyrone plans a surprise wedding for Fiz on Christmas day

Fan predict Alina till make a shock return with a baby

Tyrone is ready to tie the knot to Fiz for the third time

Although Tyrone has made little attempt to find his ex-girlfriend, fans think his wedding day is the perfect time for her to rock up with his child in tow.

Taking to Twitter, one said: “Is Fiz going to have a fit when she finds out that Tyrone is planning their wedding? Nah. Will she have a fit when Alina rocks up with Tyrone Junior? More than likely.”

Another wrote: “I can’t wait for Fiz/Tyrone Xmas wedding and then Alina to burst in with that baby!!”

A third penned: “I’m so hoping that Alina returns with her baby in hand at Tyrone and Fiz’s wedding!”

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A fourth commented: “Cue Alina arriving with Tyrone junior”

Alina became romantically involved with the much older Tyrone resulting in Tyrone ending a nine-year relationship with Fiz to be with her.

Shortly after the pair moved in together, they found out that Alina was pregnant with their son, however she lost the baby after Tyrone’s daughter Hope started a fire at their flat.

When Alina discovered that Tyrone had hid Hope’s history of pyromania from her, she left him and went back to Romania after falling pregnant again.

Will she make a return?

Upcoming scenes on the ITV soap sees Tyrone planning the wedding of a lifetime by surprising Fiz with their own nuptials.

Fiz grows increasingly frustrated when she opens a Christmas present to find a box of chocolates and a keyring.

Disappointed, she begins to believe the spark between her and Tyrone is dimming… unaware that she’s about to experience one of the most magical days of her life.

Tyrone shares a secret grin with the girls, Hope and Ruby.

Later on, the three of them descend the stairs in their wedding outfits, intent on surprising Fiz.

But when they get downstairs, they only discover a note on the table – Fiz left to buy a turkey.

Tyrone panics as he watches his plan slowly fall through and calls Fiz’s phone.

Unfortunately, he finds out she’s left it at home.

Heartbroken, Tyrone tells the guests it looks like the wedding is off and everyone heads to the Rovers to, at the very least, tuck into the buffet.

Meanwhile, Fiz’s car breaks down on a country road and she realises she has no phone to reach out to anybody.

She sets off on foot to look for a phone box, in the hopes of letting Tyrone know where she is.

Will she make it in time to marry Tyrone?

How will she react to his surprise wedding?

Tyrone’s surprise wedding doesn’t go to plan

Tyrone and his guests are ready – but where’s Fiz?

Fiz vanishes on their wedding day
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