Coronation Street fans convinced Scott attacked Chelsey and Jordan after seeing his bruised hand


CORONATION Street fans are convinced Scott attacked Chelsey and Jordan after spotting bruises on his hand when he entered the pub.

On Friday’s episode Peter was listening to the latest news bulletin on the radio which reported that Carla’s blackmailers Chelsey and Jordan had been attacked.

Scott looked suspicious in tonight’s episode

In tonight’s episode Carla showed Peter the newspaper which reported the assault, and asked him if he had done it.

Peter got annoyed with Carla for thinking he would assault a woman, especially as he had already told her he had nothing to do with it.

Later, Carla apologised for not believing Peter but was keen to know where he was on the night of the assault.

Reluctantly, Peter told her he went to an alcohol awareness meeting because he was angry about what happened the Underworld co-owner and did not want to take his frustration out on her.

He showed off bruised knuckles

While the VE Day celebrations were going on in The Rovers, Scott made his entrance and ordered a drink, before Emma spotted the bruise on his hand.

The barmaid winced as she said: “Oooh that looks nasty.”

Scott replied: “I caught it on a door this morning, that’ll teach me to watch where I’m going.”

He then glared at Carla as he waited for his drink and she continued to serve customers, make of that what you will.

Fans took to Twitter and were convinced that Scott had something to do with the assault.

One wrote: “so scott beat chelsey and jordan then.”

A second said: “Scott has beat up Chesley & Jordan bc he’s Carlas real father or he is the real owner of the squat. watch it happen.”

Another added: “I don’t think Scott skinned his knuckle on a door. I think he got that attacking Chelsea & Jordan.”