Emmerdale fans stunned as Al reveals he was an orphan and grew up in care


EMMERDALE fans were left stunned tonight as Al revealed he was an orphan and grew up in care.

In a tense and emotionally charged lockdown episode, the dodgy businessman opened up to his son Ellis about his past.

Al opened up about his childhood

The episode began in explosive fashion as Marlon was on the phone to Bob about daughter April when Ellis appeared and Al was not far behind.

A furious Marlon, who did not know Al was in the house, demanded that he left.

However, due to the coronavirus and the lease on his flat expiring, Ellis did not want to see his dad without a place to stay, despite their difficult relationship.

Marlon reluctantly agreed to let him stay and from that point on the trio endured a topsy-turvy time during the lockdown, until Al dropped a bombshell.

Ellis was left stunned by the revelation

 Al and Ellis were chatting about the day the personal trainer found out that Jamie and his ex Belle had been sleeping together.

The Hawksford co-owner told his son he got too involved with Belle too soon, which caused Ellis to call him blunt and wondered why his dad never spoke about his parents.

Al stalled before Ellis asked him if he was an orphan, to which he replied: “I was, and that’s why that couple adopted me, but at 10 I wasn’t cute anymore, I was just an angry black kid, so they put me in care, they never saw me again.”

 The following day an emotional continued to talk about his past, as he uttered: “I wasn’t wanted, always on the outside looking in, that’s what made me cold”, before apologising to Ellis saying he “let him down.”

Fans couldn’t believe the admission, which could explain why Al wasn’t always there for Ellis growing up and is willing to lie and scheme to get what he wants.

One wrote: “OMG Al. I never expected that.”

A second said: “Interesting to hear bits about Al’s past.”

Another added: “Wait…that was a surprising turn. Al was adopted and then given up?! That’s awful.”

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