Coronation Street Fans Fear Death Twist for Beloved Character After Shock Crash


Simon Barlow's Reckless Actions Lead to Speculation of Tragic Outcome

Coronation Street fans are on the edge of their seats as they anticipate a potential tragedy following a shocking car crash involving beloved character Simon Barlow. The young waiter, portrayed by actor Alex Bain on the popular ITV soap, was tasked with driving his stepbrother Sam Blakeman to a chess competition. However, Simon's distracted state may have dire consequences.

The Aftermath of the Crash Raises Concerns

Simon's decision to prioritize his own interests over his commitment to Sam led to a heated confrontation with Nick, Simon's stepfather. Eventually, Toyah intervened and convinced Simon to fulfill his promise. Unfortunately, Simon's late-night drinking session with Bobby left him exhausted and unable to focus on the road.

As Simon and Sam embarked on their journey, Sam's constant chatter and disruptions proved to be a major distraction. In an attempt to assist Sam, Simon lost control of the car and collided with a bollard, causing significant damage.

Simon Flees the Scene, Leaving Sam in a Questionable State

Knowing that he was over the legal alcohol limit and fearing the consequences, Simon made the ill-advised decision to abandon the scene of the accident, instructing Sam to leave as well. Back at home, Sam's condition deteriorated, but he insisted that he was fine. Simon concocted a story about a minor collision in order to cover up the truth.

However, when Leanne urged Simon to retrieve the car and report the incident to the police, he finally confessed to his intoxication. Shockingly, Leanne chose to protect Simon by concealing the truth from Nick, who allowed Sam to accompany Roy to the cafe.

Sam's Alarming Symptoms Raise Concerns Among Fans

At the cafe, it became evident that Sam was not as well as he initially appeared. Roy attempted to offer him a milkshake, but Sam admitted that it made him feel nauseous. This scene left viewers speculating that Sam may have sustained serious injuries, including concussion, as a result of the crash.

Fans took to social media to share their theories and express their worries about Sam's fate. One fan tweeted, "Sam has concussion… even though we didn't see him bang his head." Another wrote, "Sam's feeling sick. He's going to die."

As the storyline unfolds, viewers eagerly await the resolution of this gripping plot, hoping for a positive outcome for Sam.

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