EastEnders Star Lorraine Stanley Battling Illness as She Reaches Personal Milestone


EastEnders actress Lorraine Stanley has shared that she and her family have been struck down with a horrible illness. The 47-year-old star, who played Karen in the soap until last year, took to Instagram to update her fans on their condition.

A Bug Hits the Household

Lorraine revealed on Instagram, "S***gate in our gaff. Must be a bug, we're all down, Nancy's been sick too, bless her, she's such a trooper." Despite the illness, Lorraine has been finding a silver lining in the situation.

Quitting Vaping and Nicotine Patches

Lorraine has been keeping her followers up-to-date on her attempt to quit vaping. She shared, "Taking my mind off vaping though, so every cloud. 10 days without vaping, three days without any nicotine patches. I'll be honest, it's doable…it's testing at times but I'm doing it…I can't believe I'm doing it."

Moving Forward after EastEnders

Lorraine joined EastEnders in 2017 and quickly became a fan favorite as Karen Taylor. However, she was axed from the show last year. Reflecting on the news, Lorraine said, "I was sad, it was a mix of emotions. It's sad but it's exciting as now I can go and do what I want. You can get a bit relaxed there and a bit comfortable. So I want to be out of my comfort zone."

Auditions and Self-Tapes

Lorraine is determined to find new opportunities and has thrown herself into auditions. She even set up a self-tape setup in her loft with the help of Zack Morris, who played her on-screen son Keegan. Lorraine shared her experience, saying, "Just finished one and it's hard work…I'll get there, it's a struggle watching yourself back and not being highly critical of yourself…just let it go and send it."

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