Coronation Street Fans Predict Surprise Wedding for Unlikely Couple

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Coronation Street viewers have been buzzing with rumors of a shock wedding between two unexpected characters. As the soap has faced criticism for neglecting its older cast members, one storyline has emerged featuring the more mature characters of Evelyn Plummer and Roy Cropper.

A Budding Connection

Evelyn and Roy's relationship is slowly blossoming, and fans have taken notice. They share a dog and Evelyn is a regular at Roy's Rolls, with Roy seemingly able to handle her no-nonsense attitude better than most.

In recent weeks, Evelyn has dealt with turmoil after her drug-addicted daughter returned, causing drama with son Tyrone despite Evelyn previously telling him his mother was dead.

Living Arrangements

After Tyrone insisted on letting Cassie stay with him and his kids, Evelyn refused to stay under the same roof. She ultimately moved into the flat Cassie had been staying in, but soon complained about being cold.

In a surprising gesture, Roy offered her a place to stay above the cafe, while his friend Lauren took over the flat. However, their living situation hasn't been entirely smooth sailing.

Bickering and Bonding

Evelyn has been annoyed by Roy's habit of listening to the shipping forecast early in the morning, causing tension between the two. In another scene, they found themselves bickering over the choice of potatoes for their evening meal.

Despite the challenges, fans of the show are hoping that Evelyn and Roy will become more than just friends and housemates.

Fan Reactions

Corrie enthusiasts have taken to social media to express their support for this unexpected couple. One viewer tweeted, "Evelyn and Roy need to happen soon." Another commented, "Evelyn and Roy are just right for each other, lol." A third predicted, "Roy & Evelyn will be announcing their intention to marry by Christmas." And a fourth viewer added, "Evelyn and Roy bickering like an old married couple."

Coronation Street can be watched on ITV1 and streamed on ITVX.

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