Coronation Street shock as Elaine reveals she’s Tim’s mum and Geoff forced her to give him up


CORONATION Street has dropped a bombshell by revealing mystery woman Elaine is Tim Metcalfe’s mum.

The mystery woman – who is played by actress Paula Wilcox in the ITV soap – revealed her secret tonight after breaking down to Alya Nazir.

Elaine is Tim Metcalfe’s mum

Alya had begged Elaine to help her grandmother but seeing Tim on the cobbles was too much for Elaine and she told Alya the truth.

She said: “We were married for two years. I’m Phillippa. I changed my name after I got… after the divorce.”

Alya asked how she’d managed to escape and Elaine revealed it was by being forced to give up her son.

She said: “By ruining my life, not that it hadn’t been ruined before. 

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“It was ruined the day I met him. It wasn’t just what he put me through and how scared and miserable I was. 

“He made me hate myself for what he made me do. I know what you’re going to say – that I should help Yasmeen, take control back from him by helping her – that’s what I told myself coming here.”

She added: “You don’t understand. You don’t, it’s not just about him. It’s seeing him, seeing Geoff here was hard enough but seeing him grown up. 

“OK you asked me how I got out – I got out by giving up my boy, my son. Not just giving him up – by leaving him, leaving my baby with him. “

Viewers were heartbroken for Elaine and took to Twitter to share their own tears.

One wrote: “Omg Elaine is tims momma didn’t see that coming.”

A second said: “Elaine is really Tim’s mum who used to be called Philippa whose actually a completely different person to Tessa, who Tim thinks was his mum? Also just how many times has Geoff been married exactly?”

Another added: “Best news ever. I love Tim. He deserves a wonderful mom and his mom deserves a wonderful son. Justice is done. Best Corrie surprise in a long time. I hope that she sticks around for a while.”