Coronation Street spoilers: Leanne Battersby shocked as Nick Tilsley’s son Sam turns up for Oliver’s memorial


LEANNE Battersby is shocked when Nick Tilsley’s son Sam turns up at Oliver’s memorial next week. 

Oliver – who is in hospital on life support – will lose his battle with mitochondrial disease this week in the ITV soap. 

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Leanne tells Nick she’d welcome his support at Oliver’s funeral

Viewers know that Nick’s discovery that he had a son with his ex Natasha came at a cruel time after Oliver’s deadly diagnosis in Coronation Street.

When Leanne discovered the truth, she admitted that she hated Nick for the life he’d now have with Sam.

Things only got worse when Leanne discovered how Nick actually felt about Oliver – and that he thought it was best to let Oliver go.

Leanne tells Nick they need to work out the terms of their separation
Leanne spots Sam hovering outside the gates during Oliver’s funeral

Telling him he felt like he’d betrayed her, she told him their relationship was over. 

Next week’s episodes of Coronation Street will see George call at Nick and Leanne’s flat to discuss Oliver’s funeral arrangements. 

Leanne tells Nick that she’d welcome his support at Oliver’s funeral but that after that they’re over and they’ll have to work out the terms of their separation.

Leanne talks about Oliver
Leanne is devastated when Nick attends to Sam during Oliver’s funeral

Meanwhile, Steve struggles to cope in the wake of Oliver’s death and spends most of his days in bed. 

Tracy worries about him when he shows little interest in planning Oliver’s funeral. 

When Nick presents Leanne with her own memory box of Oliver keepsakes, she’s touched.

As they decorate Victoria Garden for the memorial service, Tracy worries when Steve fails to show up. 

With the service about to start, Steve finally shows up flustered and out of breath after visiting Oliver’s old room at the hospital. 

Leanne is shocked to see Sam hovering outside the gardens, and even more furious when Nick is attentive towards him during Oliver’s funeral. 

Leanne addresses the crowd and talks about Oliver. 

Will Leanne soften towards Nick or is this the end of the road for the couple?