Coronation Street Star Addresses Exit Rumors and Absence from Soap


"You're Leaving, You're Leaving": Lisa George Sets the Record Straight on Departure Speculation

Coronation Street actress Lisa George, known for her role as Beth Tinker, has finally broken her silence about the rumors surrounding her character's future on the popular soap opera. Fans became concerned when Lisa expressed interest in appearing on Call the Midwife during an interview. Combined with her absence from recent episodes, many believed she was exiting the show. However, Lisa has now clarified the situation and assured fans that she is not going anywhere.

Contract Issues and Coronavirus: The Reason Behind Beth Tinker's Disappearance

Addressing the absence, Lisa explained that contract issues played a part in her character's extended time off-screen. In addition, she took a break in August to go traveling, but unfortunately contracted coronavirus upon her return. This health setback further contributed to her absence from the show.

"No Plans to Leave": Lisa George Puts Exit Rumors to Rest

At the recent Pride of Britain Awards, Lisa addressed the rumors head-on. She stated that she had simply mentioned her interest in Call the Midwife during the interview and had no intention of leaving Coronation Street. Lisa emphasized that her character, Beth, would never leave the show without her on-screen partner, Kirk Sutherland (played by Andrew Whyment).

Ready to Return: Lisa George's Comeback

After recovering from COVID-19, Lisa is eager to get back to work on Coronation Street. Admitting that she feels out of the loop due to her extended absence, she is eager to catch up on what's been happening with her character. Fans can continue to watch Coronation Street every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 8pm on ITV.