Coronation Street’s Cassie Plummer hides a dark secret as she worms her way into Tyrone Dobbs’ home


Cassie Plummer, the drug addict character played by actress Claire Sweeney in Coronation Street, has been revealed to be hiding a shocking secret. After convincing Tyrone Dobbs to let her move in, Cassie's true intentions start to unravel.

A web of lies

Having claimed to be clean since her mother Evelyn helped her overcome her addiction, Cassie appeared to have turned her life around. However, tonight's episode showed that she was hiding something.

Tyrone, already shaken by his mother's return from the dead and the lies that Evelyn had told him, wanted answers. But Cassie had only lies to offer.

Blaming Evelyn for her troubles, Cassie painted a bleak picture of her past – from being bullied at school to being abandoned by her father. She even claimed that Evelyn blamed her for her father's death, adding that Evelyn once spat in her face.

Moving in and a hidden secret

Despite the red flags, Tyrone fell for Cassie's manipulation and made the rash decision to let her move in. As they sat down for a meal together, Cassie appeared overjoyed but had a sinister secret hidden in her bag.

A shocking discovery

A sneak peek into her bag showed viewers that Cassie had been keeping nerve pain medication pregabalin, the very drugs she claimed to be free from. It is clear that Cassie's road to recovery is not as straightforward as she had made it seem.

Fans are horrified

Viewers of Coronation Street have been left shocked and outraged by Cassie's manipulative actions. Many believe that she is using Tyrone to support her drug addiction.

One fan questioned whether Cassie is planning to drain Tyrone of his money to fuel her drug habit, while another noted the sinister look in Cassie's eyes and the drugs in her bag. Many viewers expressed their sympathy for Evelyn, who now finds herself completely isolated from her family.

Tyrone remains completely unaware of his mother's true intentions.