EastEnders’ Bobby Brazier Leaves Holly Willoughby Blushing with X-Rated Strictly Joke


EastEnders star Bobby Brazier had Holly Willoughby blushing during his appearance on This Morning as he made an X-rated joke ahead of his Strictly debut. The 20-year-old actor and model joined Holly and co-host Dermot O'Leary on the sofa to discuss their upcoming performance on Saturday night. The pair teased viewers about their dance routine, with Bobby joking about his "thrusting hips".

A Promising Debut?

Holly asked Bobby if he could share any details about their performance on the first live show. Bobby replied, "I think it's either going to go really good or really badly," while Dianne laughed and agreed with him. Holly then asked if they were doing a dance style that they liked, to which Dianne replied that they had only learned one style so far, but it suited Bobby well. Dermot chimed in, jokingly mentioning Bobby's affinity for the Latin dance and his signature move – the thrusting.

Holly's Flustered Reaction

Bobby's cheeky comment left the presenters in fits of laughter, with Holly blushing and speechless for a moment. Dermot jokingly remarked, "I'm glad we didn't [say it]".

Training and Progression

The interview also touched upon Bobby's training and his unfamiliarity with the show. Holly pointed out that the fact that he had never watched Strictly could work in his favor. Dianne added, "I feel like in this week you know a lot about Strictly already though." Holly asked if Bobby had grasped the different dance styles, and Dianne explained that they were starting from scratch, which she found exciting. She also shared that teaching Bobby without any bad habits was a cool experience.

Dermot praised Bobby for taking on the new challenge, and Bobby expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to be on the show. Despite never having watched Strictly before, he instantly accepted the offer and begged his boss to let him participate.